Do you alternate schedules with your husband when it comes time to taking care of the little ones?

As a mom, I know first hand the importance of Daddy’s influence. My sweet husband definitely started with what seemed like a disadvantage – he has a controlling wife who is particular about the way she likes things done and, to make matters worse, she was a pediatrician who had spent the last 3 agonizing years learning how to take care of babies.

In the beginning, I found myself correcting, tweaking, and adjusting. It was hard for me to let go of my precious charge. When he was taking care of our daughter for the day, I called in frequently for reports.


But, I soon came to realize that just because his way was different, it didn’t make it wrong. And as our daughter grew, and once my son was born I realized that we really complimented each other. I was the strict disciplinarian, but he was able to use humor to get the kids to do what he wanted. We both try to support each other with the rules, but we do it in our own individual ways.


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