What is your child’s favorite bedtime story?

Many parents think their children begin to learn to read in kindergarten. But, in reality the process starts much earlier. The building blocks for literacy skills are laid during infancy. Reading to your child from an early age will have a great impact on your child’s future relationship with reading.

pretty baby and mother read the booksYou can start by giving your child books to hold, to chew on, and to open and close. Contrasting colors will be stimulating to their senses. Children will respond to the familiarity of your voice and this will encourage their interest.

As your child gets older, point to the pictures as you say the words. Later, ask your child to point to the pictures. Invite your child to say the words with you or after you. Feel free to use silly expressions and noises-the point is to make it enjoyable and engaging for your child.


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