One of our most important goals as a parent is to raise children that will eventually become independent and self-reliant adults. Unfortunately, this requires time and patience that, in today’s fast-paced world, are often in short supply. Dr Alanna Levine has developed easy-to-follow steps to help parents end daily power struggles and encourage childhood independence skills during the important developmental period from birth to age 6. She shows how, by taking the time to foster critical skills and emphasizing independence from an early age, parents can raise children with a “can-do” spirit, and in effect create more time for the family to spend on more meaningful and productive activities.

Dr. Levine’s techniques focus on teachable moments throughout your child’s day, including self-soothing, toilet training, mealtime, playtime, and chores. She arms parents with the tools they need to instill and model independence, so that their children develop both confidence and skills in trying new tasks, situations, and communications on their own. Calling on her own experience as a doctor and a mother, she helps parents foster self-esteem, inspire confidence, encourage responsibility, and enrich the time spent together as a family – and shows how a little time investment at the outset can save families a lot of time (and headache) in the long run.